Yorkshire foods

The Campbell family and everyone at Campbells of Leyburn look forward to welcoming customers old and new to their independent grocers in this beautiful Yorkshire Dales town. Whether you are local or on holiday do pay us a visit, you will not regret it.

In an interview he gave to a local paper 18 months before he died, Doug Campbell said: "I like to think my great-great-grandfather, Robert, could walk in (to the shop) and, although it has changed no end, he would still like the fact it is a family-run business and be proud of what he created."

This says much about his feelings for the business that was handed down to him through four generations. On the one hand, he was fiercely proud of the tradition and continuity it represented; on the other hand, he recognised that he had to be constantly prepared to adapt and change to meet new challenges.

In the same interview, he said, "In the old days, the competition came from other shops in Leyburn now it is large supermarkets and internet shopping."

Doug made many changes in his time in charge. The wines and spirits department that he conceived and created has become the jewel in our crown, just as the butchers, the bakers and the delicatessen that he brought in-house have become part of our unique character.

Doug gave our customers Costcutter value but he also developed and nurtured an extensive and exclusive network of suppliers food manufacturers, farmers, growers, not only from the Dales but all over the country.

One of Doug's final projects was to contribute to the development of our super new events facility. While he sadly did not live to see it officially launched, it is still set to provide a fitting venue for the best wine tasting sessions in the region.

And there is much more to come because we will continue to work as a family business to ensure that Campbells of Leyburn customers enjoy new tastes, new choices, new experiences - and best value!

With Best Wishes,