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Farm Fresh Milk Bottled In Store
20 June, 2020

The waiting is over... you can now get the great taste of farm fresh milk bottled directly for you instore. Yesterday saw the fruition of months of planning with The Home Farmer as we proudly unveiled the state of the art milk vending machine.
Milk Vending Machine Campbells of Leyburn

The machine is situated at the back of the store, next to the deli counter, and is incredibly simple to use. Simply buy a reusable glass bottle (1 litre or ½ litre) and fill it up with delicious, fresh milk. The bottle is then yours to keep and reuse, just wash and sterilise between each refill.
Milk Vending Machine Campbells of Leyburn

For those with a sweeter tooth there is also the option to add a shot of syrup to create your very own milkshake. There are 3 flavours to choose from... Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and milk chocolate!
Milk Vending Machine Campbells of Leyburn

Home Farm milk has a unique fresh taste as it is pasturised slowly in small batches and undergoes no further processing. This means it arrives at the machine in perfect condition and a lovely layer of cream will settle on top.
Milk Vending Machine Campbells of Leyburn

The milk is priced at £1 for 1 litre or 60p for a 1/2 litre and the glass bottles are priced at £2 for a 1 litre or £1.50 for a 1/2 litre. It’s cash only (coins or notes) and the machine gives out change. For convenience you can also buy loyalty keys in store, preloaded with credit, which means you don't always need to have cash on you to purchase your milk.
Milk Vending Machine Campbells f Leyburn

We are all really excited about this exciting new venture with The Home Farmer and welcome you all to come in and try for yourself delicious farm fresh milk!.

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