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Have you had a Broghies ?
13 September, 2020

NEW to Campbell's we now stock one of the most versatile and healthy products we've ever sold... Broghies !

Low carb, low calorie and vegan, these tasty grab-and-go, eat anywhere at anytime, popped grains are the latest food sensation to hit our shelves.

We caught up with Mark from Broghies to get the inside lowdown on all things tasty, healthy and happening !


What is a Broghie?

Broghies are a large bowl shaped cracker designed to be filled with a range of toppings & spreads  -  they have become hugely popular as a healthy & nutritious low calorie alternative to bread for a snack. We have two varieties, one made from Wheat and the other made from Corn.
We have also recently launched our new cookie-size Mini Broghies which are available in both varieties too and are ideal as an alternative to crisps and also perfect for school lunches.


Why are they called Broghies?

The Broghies company is based in Canada and the two owners Ken Tracey & Terry Brush named the product after their daughters Broghen & Brogyn!
Broghies are produced in Sligo, Ireland for the Irish & UK markets.


How are they made?

Broghies are produced from a specially designed machine which uses only heat & pressure to compress the grains and then 'pops' the Broghies out. It takes approximately 11 seconds to produce each Broghie.
There is no oil or frying used in the process which not only means that Broghies are a completely natural healthy product but also gives them a lovely crunchy texture.


What are the health benefits?

  • Only 20 calories each
  • Low in carbs
  • No fat
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives or colourings
  • 'Popped' from a machine using only heat & pressure  -  no oil or frying in the process

Furthermore, 5 of our new Mini Broghies equal only 23 Calories in total!

Broghies melt in the mouth and are also very easy to digest making them ideal for all ages from the very young to the elderly  -  in fact they make an excellent weaning food.

We have received many emails from people with a range of health issues (including diabetes) enthusing about the difference Broghies have made to their daily food plans.


When & where would be best to eat Broghies?

They are so versatile, they can be enjoyed any time of the day with a variety of dips, toppings or spreads (hot, cold, sweet or savoury).

I do know that a lot of customers have them at lunchtime as a replacement for bread but many others seem to love them in the evening as something to snack on when watching TV  -  the poppabilities really are endless!!


Favourite recipes?
With a curry as a healthy alternative to poppadoms or prawn crackers.
Used as an edible bowl & filled up with any of the following:  Chilli, Bolognese, Salad, Cream Cheese, Hummus, Smoked Salmon, Tuna, Scrambled Egg and even Natural Yoghurt with Fresh Fruit for a delicious breakfast or dessert.


Future Plans for Broghies?

We believe that Broghies have the potential to become a household name nationwide and our focus is continuously on increasing brand awareness.

We have recently connected with the UK Government Dept responsible for tackling the problem of obesity as we feel that Broghies could have a significant part to play in this initiative.

Big thanks to Mark at Broghies for sharing his thoughts with us.

To discover more about Broghies head over to their website here..

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