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We have suspended taking orders for all future deliveries
23 March, 2020

To all of our loyal and valuable customers,

We have taken the heart-breaking decision to suspend taking orders for all future deliveries. All orders that we have currently received will be fulfilled and delivered by the end of this week, but we can't accept any more. We have been inundated with requests for deliveries but we just cannot provide this service under the current strains we are facing. 

Please let me explain these strains to help you understand – 

We have asked some of our wonderful team to self-isolate for their own protection meaning we are facing this extra busy period with less trained staff.

There has been a severe disruption to the deliveries we have been receiving. We are now starting to receive some stock but our staff are unable to get it on the shelves as we are so snowed under with delivery orders and customers coming through the store. 

We have implemented the 2 metre social distancing guidelines at our tills which means that we are only able to use two tills out of our usual six. Previously we have funneled all customer orders though one till, this is not now possible.

There is also the possibility that we could potentially take orders from people and then be hit by the virus ourselves, we would then have a group of people solely reliant on us alone and we would not be able to adhere to our commitments.

As contradictory as it sounds we have had to take the very sad decision to protect our customers as much as our staff.

We have been in contact with both North Yorkshire County Council and Leyburn Town Council and informed them of this decision. As you may have seen on Boris Johnson’s briefing on Sunday 22nd March there are government plans afoot to get food parcels out to people who have no other way of getting deliveries. As yet we have not been informed of how this will work.

We are conscious that we have previously promised you something we are now not able to deliver but we hope you will understand that these are unprecedented times and accept our apologies and understand that we are working to the best of our abilities under extremely difficult circumstances.

We have also had numerous offers of help in delivering this service for which we are extremely grateful but the logistics of collating, picking and processing all the requests through the tills on top of our general store day to day duties is just beyond us.

We are forced to take this action to keep the shop open. We feel that there is going to be a real reliance on volunteers in communities who are able to get out to help, but we must stress that this must be organised within villages so that we can simply concentrate on being able to keep the doors open, keep stock on the shelves and get people in and out of the shop as safely as possible.

Thank you for your support and please help your community where you can.

Kath, Richard and the Campbell's team

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