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Campbell's of Leyburn, award winning supermarket est 1868

Campbell's of Leyburn, fine food and Wine

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04 April, 2024
We love to welcome new lines from Suma. Established in 1977 they've been leading the way championing all things ethical and environmentally friendly across the food & drink sectors and beyond.

New to Campbell's we now stock their ALTER/NATIVE collection of cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners available in bottles and bars!  More..
03 April, 2024
We're excited to finally get these well-known names ​​​​​​​from Purity Brewing onto our beers shelves! Now part of Black Sheep brewery this awesome selection of beers and lagers includes four gluten free options as well as a low alcohol gf beer called Point Five. We look forward to getting your feed back on the range.  More..
01 April, 2024
For those with a bit of time on their hands today then why not take a wander "Upstairs at Campbell's" and check out what's new in our extensive wine selection. You'll discover wonderful wines from across the world including some top shelf classics from Australia's finest wineries!  More..
19 March, 2024
"Upstairs at Campbell's" is where you'll find our vast and eclectic collection of magnificent malts. Among the everyday classics we've also the rare and collectable. We're particularly pleased to stock a splendid collection of whiskies from Springbank.   More..
18 March, 2024
Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) is one of Spain’s most popular snacks and essential in any tapas selection. Super versatile, and made with free range eggs, we can't think of anything they don't go with. What's more they can be eaten as a simple cold snack.  More..
15 March, 2024
Just when you thought our new range of spirits couldn't get any more exotic, this banana bombshell landed in store! Howler Head Banana Flavoured Bourbon is a hand-crafted award-winning 80% proof spirit that aside from being one of your five a day (allegedly) is also the official bourbon of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).   More..
05 March, 2024
It looks like the love for home entertaining has continued post pandemic, as staying in becomes the new going out, and we all conjure up our favourite cocktails at home!

So in support of this growing trend let Upstairs at Campbell's help you out with all your cocktail cabinet needs, from simple syrups to select spirits, for the aspiring mixologists among us.  More..
04 March, 2024
We're really looking forward to seeing what you all make of these new range of revolutionary rums from the guys at Atom Labs!

Project #173 Flavoured Rum is a true commitment to flavour experimentation and quality, offering the ever growning fan-base of rum drinkers a unique and enjoyable tasting experience.  More..
01 March, 2024
Hellfire... check out what's not long dropped Upstairs at Campbell's... it's that Boutique-y Whisky Company!!!

"Award-winning independent bottler of the best whiskies on the planet" we're delighted to welcome these young mavericks, renowned for offering up top tipples from far flung distilleries old and new, to the shelves of Campbell's.  More..
01 March, 2024
It's Mother's Day on the 10th so here's your chance to WIN big for the love in your life.. mum, gran, gal, bestie or other.

Up for grabs is a Perfect Tasting Trio of gorgeous gins from our friends at Masons, plus a box of heart shaped, praline filled chocolates from Guylian.  More..
26 February, 2024
If we get enough requests for a particular product then we always do our best to get it in store. These Crispy Fried Onions are one such product. Perfect on salads and jacket potatoes, and delicious in gravy, mash and curries too.  More..
26 February, 2024
We've recently beefed-up our beer aisle with these BIG guns from Brunehaut Brewery.

Established in 1890 (that's 22 years after Campbell's opened their doors!) Brunehaut Brewery has a rich history crafting traditional, award-winning brews  More..
19 February, 2024
We couldn't resist this jolly looking line up of premium, cold pressed, rapeseed oil from Borderfields. The healthier alternative to other cooking oils, rapseed oil has less saturated fat, contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is a great source of vitamin E.   More..
19 February, 2024
As the demand for fun and functional drinks gathers pace we thought it's well worth giving this new brew from Fungtn a punt!

"Bringing ancient wisdom into modern day beer dinking (and without the hangover)" is the pitch from the team behind this innovative and non-alcohoilic beer made from functional mushrooms.  More..
16 February, 2024
When selecting new lines for the shelves at Campbell's it's always a bonus to stock quality products that have sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Elsinore Soups not only taste delicious but are also responsibly sourced to protect the seas’ eco-system. Their exceptional range of classic fish soups are rich in flavour and full of taste.   More..

Yorkshire Dales Rare Breeds' Meat

Yorkshire Dales Rare Breed Meat

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